Novel: Lunazora

978-1490362069-frontcoverLunazora, the icy moonlight dragon, is born in the wild then befriended by kindly humans. When all her friends are cursed or kidnapped, she must journey through perilous forests and creepy castle corners. Can she find courage within to face the power-hungry Victoriana? Will she fulfill the ancient prophecy?

In November 2012, DD participated in the National Novel Writing Month Young Writers Program. The novel is now available on Amazon and CreateSpace. The companion website and blog is

Story of the World: Middle Ages & Renaissance

This year, the kids learned about the Middle Ages & Renaissance period of history. For Middle Ages, DD created a pizza box report on Joan of Arc and DS made a yarn doll toy. For the Renaissance Festival, DD studied food of the Renaissance and DS created a poster about Leonard da Vinci. While studying this period, we attended several period festivals in Orange County and Los Angeles and also watched some Shakespeare plays.

Spanish Animation: Larry’s Weight Loss Adventure

Animated story of Larry, an overweight griffin addicted to chocolates and apples. Through the challenges of dieting, learn about the true value of friendship and pick up some Spanish along the way. Written & illustrated by a zany mind for her Spanish class through Homeschool Spanish Academy. View the English dubbed version Larry’s Weight Loss Adventure or Mandarin Chinese version 胖拉里

Novel: Lost & Found

coverPets and children are being kidnapped! Sarah, Kenny, and their two dogs are trying to stop the evil criminal named Carl Cotts. Along the way they must get past a killer named Tim, but they will need more help from good friends. A naughty little sister just bugs them and is no help at all. How will they stop Carl?

In November 2011, Alex participated in the National Novel Writing Month Young Writers Program. The novel she wrote and illustrated will be available on as a paperback and Kindle at the end of June 2012.

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