China Trip: Reading List

The children have been studying Chinese language, culture, and legends for years and we added an intensive dose of Chinese history and biographies to the mix in preparation for our extended China trip. In addition to using the typical books and videos from our local library, I was particularly excited to find several excellent CNTV series and a Youtube animation channel that provided wonderful introduction our areas of interest, while also teaching the Chinese language. Quizlet also had some vocabulary flashcards that were designed for travel agents training.

The Chì-lin Purse : a collection of ancient Chinese stories by Fang, Linda
Cloud Weavers : Ancient Chinese legends by Krasno, Rena
The Emperor’s Silent Army : Terracotta Warriors of Ancient China by O’Connor, Jane
The Story of Silk : From Worm Spit to Woven Scarves by Sobol, Richard
The Legend of Lao Tzu and The Tao Te Ching by Demi

The Adventures of the Young Marco Polo – cute animated series about a young Marco Polo making the trip to China
Monkey King: Havoc in Heaven – animated version of the classic Journey to the West
Pandas: The Journey Home – excellent documentary on panda breeding and preservation
Up the Yangtze River – documentary of life working on the cruise ship serving foreign tourists

online videos
CNTV Travel in Chinese travel series mix of Chinese & English
CNTV Happy China travel series almost entirely in Chinese
China Animation Official Channel: Classic Fairy Tales (中国经典童话故事)
China Animation Official Channel: Festival Legends (中华传统文化故事·节庆篇)
China Animation Official Channel: Folktales (中华传统文化故事·民俗篇)

Spanish Animation: Larry’s Weight Loss Adventure

Animated story of Larry, an overweight griffin addicted to chocolates and apples. Through the challenges of dieting, learn about the true value of friendship and pick up some Spanish along the way. Written & illustrated by a zany mind for her Spanish class through Homeschool Spanish Academy. View the English dubbed version Larry’s Weight Loss Adventure or Mandarin Chinese version 胖拉里