China Album

Chinese in China: finally back to our roots during August 2011. Quick trip through Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai on the way to visiting relatives in Malaysia. Wrapped up ancient history at Great Wall, Forbidden City, and other famous sites. Enjoyed way too much good food! For detailed description please visit the China Travelogue.

China Travelogue

The highlight of our quick trip to China was mainly 4 nights in the capital Beijing. We spent 2 nights in Hong Kong before enjoying cityscapes then 3 nights in Shanghai afterwards to recuperate. For more photos, please visit the China Album.

08/15-17/11: Stayed on Kowloon Peninsula along Avenue of Stars. Took ferry to Hong Kong Island and tram ride to Peak Station for panoramic view of city. Enjoyed lots of genuine HK dim sum and watched light show at night.

08/18/11: Started the day at Tiananmen Square then explored the sprawling Beijing Forbidden City among throngs of crowd and miserable heat. Lunch at local noodle house. Visited Lama Temple, largest Tibetan Buddhist temple with some impressive wood carving and numerous statues. Took a rickshaw ride around an old hutong and visited a traditional home.

08/19/11: Strolled along a short stretch of the Great Wall Juyong Pass. Walked down the Ming Emperor Tombs Sacred Way lined with marble statues. Stopped at the Olympic Stadium for a quick photo opportunity of Birds Nest & Water Cube.

08/20/11: Summer Palace of Empress Dowager Cixi with large manmade lake & hill. Temple of Heaven where the Emperor visited twice a year to worship the heavenly gods on New Year for good harvest & Winter Solstice. Lunch and dinner at 2 popular Peking duck restaurants.

08/22-23/11: Shanghai city scenery from high rise Jin Mao Tower hotel. Strolled along Bund making sure to visit famous clock tower of Custom House where my great-grandfather worked. Cooled off in a couple shopping malls.