Some stuff we use or have used in the past that worked well for us…

Language Arts
Online G3 – online humanities classes
Michael Clay Thompson – engaging language arts curriculum package with grammar, vocabulary, poetry
Institute for Excellence in Writing – systematic & solid writing foundations – vocabulary development for middle school on up using engaging multimodal formal – free vocabulary program
National Novel Writing Month –  lovingly known as NaNoWriMo encourages love of writing, fun workbooks available

Art of Problem Solving – rigorous math curriculum with entertaining videos and Alcumus online exercises
Thinkwell – self-paced online program for middle school and up
Singapore Math – offers solid conceptual understanding based on award winning curriculum developed in Singapore
Math Mammoth – elementary math with strong conceptual & mastery focus textbooks as pdf files
Gifted and Talented – self-paced online program includes K-7 math, formerly Stanford’s EPGY
Rightstart Mathematics – rich collection of manipulatives and games created by former Montessori instructor

Aleks – onling program good for assessing skill levels and filling in gaps
IXL – extensive sets of self-graded exercises from pre-K through Calculus
Khan Academy – free online exercises and video tutorials
Life of Fred – math stories chronicling the adventures of Fred, a 5 year old math genius
Prodigy – math adventure video game
Big Brainz – effective drills for math facts through engaging video game
DragonBox – fun app teaches algebraic thinking through video game
Hands on Equations – introduces algebraic manipulations to younger children using manipulatives and app

Uzinggo – middle & high school science with interactive tutorials & exercises
Real Science 4 Kids – solid science education presented in kid-sized chunks
Lyrical Learning – scientific learning set to catchy tunes, available for earth & life sciences
Ellen McHenry – charming hands-on introduction to chemistry

Crash Course – fun, fast-talking youtube channel
iCivics – engaging games that teach civics & government
Story of the World – history for early elementary school presented in chronological order in 4 volumes
History of US – 10-volume history of US for middle school audience

Foreign Language
e-Chinese Learning – 1-on-1 Skype tutors based in mainland China
Stanford Chinese School – Ma Liping’s curriculum for heritage Chinese speakers
CCTV – Chinese TV station with resources to learn through cultural resources

Homeschool Spanish Academy – 1-on-1 Skype tutors based in Gautemala
Destinos – free Spanish soap opera for language learning
Salsa – free Spanish programming for preschool aged kids

Extracurricular & Miscellaneous
CNN Student News – daily 10-minute news headlines during school year for middle & high school
BrainPop – animated educational site about science, history, and all sorts of stuff
The Great Courses – college level audio & video courses
Coursera – courses from top universities offered online
EdX – more courses from various universities
MIT OpenCourseWare – recorded lectures and assignments from MIT
OpenCulture – collection of free educational resources – introductory coding tutorials
Scratch – gentle introduction to drag and drop interface allows kids to animate and code easily
Lynda – video tutorials to learn skills for a variety of fields

Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op – great bulk discounts for purchasing homeschool curriculum